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Customer Donation Program - Companies Coming Together in the Fight Against ALS

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What is the Customer Donation Program?

By joining the fight against ALS, you will provide help and hope to the 150+ Iowans living with ALS across the state. Funds raised will go towards our following FREE services:

You have the chance to join in on the largest fundraising campaign ever, the Ice Bucket Challenge! If you're looking for a way for your company to give back to your community...look no further! We will provide all the materials you will need, including:

What do the paper Ice Buckets look like?


Day of Caring Website

Success Story!

Day of Caring Website

Great Clips: Eastern Iowa Corridor

Customer Donation Program Participant: May 2017
Amount Raised: $14,000

Customer Donation Program Participant: May 2018
Amount Raised: $22,000

"We love to work with our local ALS chapter! Josh, Abbie and Emily are so supportive in not just our partnership, but our business as a whole. There is nothing like partnering with a group that supports us as much or more than we support them. Customers care more about companies that care about them! We live by this in every decision we make, and partnering with the local ALS Chapter is clearly a no brainer to help our customers directly!" - Samantha Reges, General Manager

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Your ALS Customer Donation Program Contact:

Cassidy Welch - 515-329-0075